The Spectator Index released today the world rape report which shows number of rapes per 100.000 women. Shockingly the once so safe country Sweden is now number 2 on the list with 63 rapes / 100.000 women. The small country which in the 80s and 90s was well known abroad for big brands like Volvo and Saab and safety has in recent years seen peaking crime rates and a police force which can’t handle the number of reported rapes.

So what has happened to Sweden ? If you ask the mainstream media and the left wing reporters the big increase in number of rapes is due to suddenly women has started to report them. 600% increase in the number of reported rapes is also according to the left wing journalists due to ”good weather”. If you look at the victims it is now in Sweden not only women being raped – since the big immigration from Middle East 2015 young boys has started to be raped / gang raped by refugees as a punishment due to the culture in Afghanistan.

In Sweden the former top police chief Dan Eliasson didn’t want to comment why suddenly the number of rapes has started to peak – but he did in Swedish television feel sorry for the perpetrator that had molested and raped a young girl severely, he wondered what bad things the refugee has been through in his home country which made him start to rape girls.

Sweden is starting to become a country where freedom of speech is no longer available and dissidents starts to be silenced through everything from security police to becoming deleted from social medial and banks shutting down their bank accounts.

Finally 1.1 million of the population voted in the election in September for a big change in the immigration policies by giving the party Sverige Demokraterna (SD) their vote. However since they only received approx 17% of the votes it is unlikely that they will be able to influence the immigration question.


  1. Jag har börjat detta år att skriva på tyska för en viktig tysk online-tidning, ”Tichys Einblick”. Där beskriver jag vad som händer i Sverige. Nästan ingen annan gör det i Tyskland.
    Om man googlar ”tichys einblick jan henrik holst”, så kommer man till mina artiklar om Sverige.
    Jag anser det som viktigt att informera den tyska offentligheten om allt det.
    J. H. Holst

  2. Too lenient immigration policy is the sole cause. History of immigrants is secondary. You are lowering the standard of your public moral ethic by allowing too many foreigners with problems. In South Africa the moral ethic is very low because of poverty and lack of jobs which has lead to increased violence especially against women and children.


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