President Donald Trump talked about is his speech this weekend about what happened in Sweden last night. Trump had been watching a documentary on Fox News about the immigration crisis of Sweden and how it affects the society.

The broadcast on Fox News from the filmmaker who shot the documentary “Stockholm Syndrome” can be see here :

The documentary shows among things two Swedish policemen who gives statement in the increase of violence and increase of guns on the streets. Sweden which has one of the most strictest laws agains guns has had a major uprising in shootings since the beginning of 2015. A report in swedish media stated That a handgrenade can be bough for as little as 2$ on the black market. Summer 2016 a tourist couple and their son visited Gothenburg Swedens 2nd biggest city and someone assaulted the apartment they stayed in with a handgrenade killing their 8 year old son. 

Also in Sweden a couple of nights after Trumps statement a riot occurred in the suburbs of Stockholm where the majority is Muslim citizens, the Swedish police call it a “no go-zone” and do not dare to visit the area unless forced to. Yesterday 70-80 people rioted when the police was sent out to arrest a wanted man in Rinkeby at Järvafältet, once people understood they was there to arrest the wanted man  initially 10 people came to the scene masked and then the mob grew in numbers to up to 80.

It became so dangerous for the policemen who attended the scene initially without any backup (2) that one of them had to shoot against to the mob in order to defend themselves, the bullet which was intendent to calm down the croud had affect even if nobody got wounded. The picture below that we are about to show you is not from any war zone in Syria , this is what a suburb outside Stockholm looked like last night. Burning cars , smashed windows in stores and shoplifting. 

One of the the leaders in party Sverige Demokraterna (SD) which got 13% of the votes in the latest election and is a member of the parliament gave the following speech about the incident which happened Sunday – Monday night.

Before in Sweden before 2010 scenes like this has never ever been seen and due to the large Muslim immigration to Sweden most population no longer no feel safe, nor does 33% of the swedish ethnic women who does not dare to go outside even longer.

Swedens third largest city Malmö with a population of 365.000 has 12 unsolved murders and over 80+ murder attempts which is unsolved as of now, the police is so understaffed due to the frequent shootings and murders that they have urgently required assistance from the government to get additional murder investigators. 

The gangs in Malmö is heavy armed with weapons and a new phenomena came to Malmö in 2016 with open street prostitution even if the law criminalizing sex buyers. The city of Malmö has taken in the majority of the refugees and has several no-go zones that the police does not dare to visit , in the streets of Malmö there is also drugs being sold open in the streets , the Swedish police has given up fighting narcotic and other crimes in the city and the ethnic swedes are at 46% of the total population since 2014.

Malmö is also one of the poorest cities in Sweden, when it takes 9.5 years for a refugee in average to get their first job and before that they live on state funded well fare, Malmö as a municipality receives over 5000 million Swedish kr yearly from other municipalities which has a positive yearly turnover on income from citizens taxes. 


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