Aftonbladet skriver idag att vår käre statsminister Stefan Löfvens brev till Donald Trump hör och häpna har hemligstämplats. Vi blev så pass nyfikna så vi försöker gissa oss till vad Steffe har skrivit till Donald Trump.

Dear President-elect Trump:
I write this letter with a heavy heart and great sadness. On Tuesday night I returned from a gathering of friends with fiffel-Mona , and Mr Ygeman our great minister. We expected to celebrate Democrat Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman president of the United States, but YOU rigged the fucking election!

Yes, we realized that there were many people in our country Sweden who did not support her. 

She has been part of the political establishment. She has been accused of “putting our country’s security at risk” by her “careless” use of a private email server. You know Mona our ex leader of our party something as well.

But do you know what Donny , in Sweden we do not like right wing people and we tend to call them nazis. Donny when you become president expect us swedes to use our position in UN to force you to also take in 100.000 muslims. In sweden we have an open heart and What the Fuck you geting to make it hard with our order from different groups.

You do NOT Like pizza ? Pizzagate ?

Bäst Reggards 



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